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Georgeff Vineyards is nestled in the central coastal region of California on 500+ rare acres of north-facing slopes in Arroyo Grande, selected by the Georgeff family because of its idyllic climate, setting and reputation for producing the finest grape in the world.

Alan Georgeff is the third generation of family vintners to make California wines of uncompromising quality. Their passion for distinctive vintages is the cornerstone of the Georgeff Vineyard tradition.

When patriarch Alexander immigrated from Europe in the early 1900s, he struggled to keep his dream of bringing the Georgeff wine making tradition to America. He fermented his own wines in the basement of his small home, sharing his love for the grapes with his wife and sons. Through hands on wine making and nostalgic story telling, the Georgeff passion for wine survived through the generations. Hence the family’s migration west was a providential journey.

Alexander’s younger son, Milan, settled in California with his children hoping to find the ideal vineyard. With a deep desire in keeping the family passion for wine making alive, the grandsons sought and found the perfect acreage for growing the delicate pinot noir grape. The dream is coming true and our patriarch’s legacy continues.

Grapes have been at the center of family ceremony since the miracle at Cana, where Jesus turned water into wine at the behest of His Blessed Mother, to assure the joyous celebration of a familial wedding feast.

The Georgeff family adopted St. Vincent of Saragossa, patron saint of vintners, as its beloved protector and model: faithful, forthright, and vibrant. St. Vincent shares the cup with the holy martyrs - the cup we would emulate in our daily task of bringing the finest grape to fruition in the best of wine.

“Almighty God, whose deacon Vincent, upheld by you, was not terrified by threats nor overcome by torments: Strengthen us to endure all adversity with invincible and steadfast faith; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.” Amen.

Georgeff wines are inspired by time honored methods, followed to this day to produce select opulent and rewarding vintages that echo family custom and reflect the past as we celebrate the present - with you.

The Georgeff name is a promise of celebration and satisfaction.

2004 Georgeff Vineyard
“ ... at the heart of good taste” ™

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